Woocommerce WEBCASH Payment Gateway



WooCommerce WEBCASH payment gateway, implemented by PluginsMaker, allows to add WEBCASH payment gateway to any ecommerces made using WooCommerce and WordPress.

“WEBCASH MERCHANT LINK” Malaysia payment integration from http://www.webcash.com.my. Customers are redirected to the gateway site and offered multiple payment options. After payment, customer is then returned to your cart success page.

Main features

  • PCI Compliant
  • No need for private SSL
  • No files overwritten
  • Redirect Return processing
  • Debug Logging (logs debug info to your system error log for troubleshooting)
  • Full support of error handling.
  • Test mode supported

How to Install WooCommerce WEBCASH Payment Gateway

After purchasing the plugin, in pluginsmaker store, you have to download the zip file using the link that you can find in the email that you will receive once the order is completed. That file contains the plugin. To install it you have to visit your wordpress “Plugins” menu. On this screen, press “Add New” and then “Upload Plugin”. Using the “Browse” button you’ll be able to upload the zip file. Then activate it.

How to set up WooCommerce WEBCASH Payment Gateway

WEBCASH payment gateway for Woocommerce is set up following next steps:

  1. First, visit Woocommerce/Settings menu, Checkout tab, WebCASH option
  2. Enable the payment plugin
  3. Set the title and customer message. Those text will display in the checkout process.
  4. Set your Merchant ID. You’ll get this value┬áin your WEBCASH account page.

Next images displays the current admin panel for WEBCASH payment gateway plugin for Woocommerce.

woocommerce webcash payment gateway settings

WEBCASH Payment gateway for woocommerce checkout example:

woocommerce webcash payment gateway checkout