WooCommerce BenefitPay Payment gateway


PluginsMaker has implemented WooCommerce Thawani Checkout Payment Gateway plugin for ecommerces builded using WooCommerce and WordPress.


WooCommerce BenefitPay payment gateway, implemented by PluginsMaker, allows to add BenefitPay payment gateway to any ecommerces made using WooCommerce and WordPress. It’s an electronic wallet payment system used in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This payment plugin supports WordPress/WooCommerce Blocks feature.

How to Install WooCommerce BenefitPay

After purchasing the plug-in, at the pluginsmaker store, you must download the zip file using the link you can find in the email you received once the order is completed. The file contains the plugin and to install it you need to visit your wordpress “Plugins” menu. On this screen, press “Add New” and then “Upload Plugin”. Using the “Browse” button you’ll be able to upload the zip file. Then, activate it.

How to set up WooCommerce the Payment Gateway

BenefitPay payment gateway for Woocommerce is set up following next steps:

  1. First, visit Woocommerce/Settings menu, Checkout tab, BenefitPay option
  2. Enable the payment plugin
  3. Set the title and customer message. Those text will display in the checkout process.
  4. Set your Merchant ID value. You’ll get this value in your BenefitPay account page. , App ID and Secret Key
  5. Set your App ID value. You’ll get this value in your BenefitPay account page.
  6. Set your Secret Key value. You’ll get this value in your BenefitPay account page.

Next image displays the current admin panel for BenefitPay payment gateway plugin for Woocommerce:

BenefitPay for woocommerce - Pluginsmaker

Checking “Test mode” you’ll be able to test the plugin using the BenefitPay testing account.

See BenfitPay for Woocommerce In Action

In the next image you can see BenefitPay for woocommerce in action, after click on Pay button:

BenefitPay for woocommerce - payment - Pluginsmaker

This Woocommerce plugin has been developed by Pluginsmaker team.

Change log:

May 26, 2024, ver 2.0: Supports Blocks.
Apr 16, 2021, ver 1.0: Publish first version.
Apr 16, 2021, ver 3.1: Supoort PHP 7.4+

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