WooCommerce TotalWebSolutions Payment Gateway



WooCommerce TotalWebSolutions Payment Gateway, made by Pluginsmaker, allows to add TotalWebSolutions Payment Gateway in any ecommerce made using WooCommerce and WordPress.

Total Web Solutions offers one of the lowest priced payment gateways available in the UK. Total Web Solutions is PCI Level 1 accredited and has been providing business critical solutions to organisations of all sizes since 1995. This gateway offers a customisable pay page and merchant tool for reporting, issuing refunds (full and partial) and viewing stats. Optional add-ons include Virtual Terminal, Multi-Currency, 3D Secure authentication and many others. This gateway works in conjunction with an Internet Merchant Account from Barclays, HSBC or Streamline (Natwest/RBS).

To learn more about the service visit: http://payments.totalwebsolutions.com/

How to set up WooCommerce TotalWebSolutions Payment Gateway

1. Visiting Woocommerce/settings/Payments, activate TotalWebSolutions and make “click” on Manage button.

2. At the next screen you have to fill out Customer ID and Secret key. to get both values you must logged in your TotalWebSolutions account.

totalwebsolutions payment gateway settings

3. When the plugin is ready to use, you could see it in action in woocommerce checkout page:

totalwebsolutions payment gateway checkout woocommerce